Want to be a famous superstar
We welcome

Would you want grandchildren
or yourself
Enter the entertainment industry

Superstar College of Arts



With over 15 years of experience
We are a college producing quality artists.
Enter the entertainment industry
both singer and actor
musician, dancer
presenter, model
model, etc.
Both domestic artists and international artists
Train students who are interested in music and arts.
The show has been performed by more than 5,000 people.
Has a total of over 500,000 Facebook followers and
YouTube includes more than 300,000 users.
College of music that people follow through social media.
the most in Thailand


Taught by professional teachers
who is a teacher of artists in the industry
There are works both in Thailand and abroad.
More than 100 talents
Nearly 60 classrooms
on an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters
Supports both individual and group learners.
Equipment with international standard classrooms


You and your grandchildren
will have practical lessons in real places
The recording room, the stage in the building
off-site on a large concert stage
where you will show your talents
Play music
be a DJ
and many more together
Under the atmosphere of light, color, sound, full system
Make you stand out like a Superstar


Walking on the Catwalk at the Grand
Collaborate with a luxurious and elegant boutique.
It has been specially designed by famous designers.
was honored to present on stage for the first time for students who
SCA – Superstar Academy
For the MC, they will take part in the opening remarks.
and carry out the program together
until the end of the event.
Acting learner
There are plays, short films, stage plays.
Filming dramas on set both on and off site
to gain professional experience
at the forefront of the Thai industry


Recording studio
same quality as USA
Use soundproofing material, can keep 100% sound.
Record instrument sounds from 5 rooms simultaneously.
Make it possible to record LIVE RECORDING.
as if recording from CONCERT
with the control of a world-standard computer system
This room was designed by a national sound engineer teacher.
who have worked with world-class artists and leading Thai artists
Students will be able to use the recording studio for every course.
to record their own work
can see the development of students in each course


To be a teacher to teach artists in various fields
We have the following courses
learn to compose
study music technology
learn to organize a concert
Learn how to shoot a music video
Learn to produce and promote artists.
Learn to design a DVD cover.
study entertainment business administration
study marketing management
public relations
and study law
To provide learners with an overview of the important aspects including
Knowledge related to work in the entertainment industry


Place of study
and teaching equipment
as modern as it is used in the industry
learning like you or your grandchildren
have worked under a music label
film production company
drama production company


We have a network of work in all fields of entertainment.
Both the foreground and background work
for you or your children to show their abilities
in the audition/casting
both the leading music labels in the country
and abroad such as Japan, Korea
and get an internship behind the scenes that you’ve always dreamed of
such as leading companies, studios, drama productions


We also invited artists
Executives and professional producers
in the entertainment industry
Let’s give directions for you and your children.
with arrangement
Ongoing entertainment industry seminars
To pass on knowledge, experience
New perspectives and collaborative networks
to students always a student



Long term study
After completing their studies, they also received various educational qualifications.
High school, vocational certificate, vocational certificate, bachelor’s degree
(Superstar College)
Short term study
get a diploma
quality assurance
by the Ministry of Education at the highest level
(Superstar Academy)



Want to be a superstar

Must study at a school that produces Superstar.

Superstar College of Arts

SCA only one place

Make your dreams come true

because we believe

Every dream is possible

Contact for details and visit the college at
Line id : @superstarcollege