Message from President

“Education in fine arts, especially music, performing arts, and entertainment business. It is a study that is useful to society. Especially in the society now that is open from society in Thailand to ASEAN society. We therefore think that it is important to have an institution that is ready in this regard. We believe in the potential of young people in Thailand. which if those youths were trained get good cultivation I believe that Thai youths are second to none in the world. I believe we have young people who are ready. We have the equipment that is ready. We have teachers who are ready. and the most important thing is We want to make the dreams of all youths become a reality.

I think that what we will do will not be within the scope of Thailand only. We are able to do as many countries such as Korea can develop the country to be known. not only in science and technology or business only But from art and culture through music, movies and performances, I think the College of Performing Arts : Artists of Asia. Siam University It will be another important organization that will drive our country towards economic prosperity.
In 2015, Thailand will be a part of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Besides business, besides trade, another important aspect is art and culture. I believe that Southeast Asia is second to none. and has a strong belief that the College of Performing Arts : Artist of Asia that Siam University will be a source of knowledge source to build people A source to create entrepreneurs in the field of music. in performing arts and in the entertainment business, one of the best in Southeast Asia

I would like to invite young people and students who have aspirations of becoming artists, musicians, actors and entertainers. have studied the information of our college And come together to make your dreams come true with College of Performing Arts : Artists of Asia. Siam University Siam University”

Dr.Pornchai Mongkhonvanit

President of Siam University