Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music and Performing Arts

Degree name

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music and Performing Arts Acronym of degree : B.F.A. (Music and Performing Arts)

Music group

Music Performance and Music Technology

Number of credits taken throughout the course 135 credits

It is divided into general education courses with 33 credits, specialization courses with 96 credits, and  elective courses with 6 credits.


We aspire to provide graduates with knowledge and understanding of the music profession by encouraging and encouraging learners to practice and participate in the activities of the artist industry both inside and outside the institute,which would help the graduates to become proficient in various skills and be ready to enter the entertainment and music business after graduation. We will focus on developing learners to be knowledgeable and competent in all areas,to be ready to become an artist, singer and musicians who are qualified and able to manage their own careers. Students will learn to improve their singing or playing instruments skills and  also perform in both the form of singing solo and performing in a band every semester.  Learn how to design an artist’s image and behavior, in order to be successful in the industry, composing and producing music by him/herself. Understanding the music business and copyright laws Contracting of various music labels Marketing to promote their work through various media ,management of concert arrangements and distribution of music both physically and digitally. In addition, students will prepare themselves for the ASEAN Economic Society with a course on international economics, learn english and choose to study a second foreign language such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Burmese, Indonesian and internships with entertainment organizations in the final year before graduating.

Jobs that could be applied after graduation

Musician, Artist, singer, producer, music director, actor, music composer,recording studio supervisor,sound mixer Mastering Supervisor, Music producer, music teacher, and other professions related such as Businessman in the entertainment industry Marketer in the entertainment industry Performance and music manager Organizers of music and performance academies and academics.

  • Samples of some courses
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Music program Bachelor’s degree 4 years
  • History of Performing Arts
  • Music History 1 – 2
  • Entertainment Industry Studies
  • International Music Industry Studies
  • Entertainment Business Law
  • Entertainment Seminar
  • Introduction to Music Research
  • Artists’ Ethics, Attitude, and Image
  • Artist Project
  • Online Music Showcase
  • Concert Management
  • ASEAN in the Modern World
  • Principles of Economics and Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy
  • Music Theory 1 – 3
  • Ear Training & Sight-Reading 1 – 4
  • Keyboard Proficiency 1 – 3
  • Music Composition
  • Contemporary Music Arrangement
  • Studio Recording Techniques
  • Mixing Techniques
  • Mastering Techniques
  • Music Pedagogy 1 – 2
  • Basic Voice
  • Basic Acting
  • Basic Dance
  • Vocal Performance 1 – 7  Music Performance 1 – 7 Instruments are by choice
  • Ensemble 1 – 7

Qualifications of applicants for the entrance examination

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Program Music Bachelor’s degree 4 years, accepting Thai students and international students who can use the Thai language fluently. 
  • Graduated from high school or equivalent or currently studying in the final year of high school or equivalent and expected to graduate
  • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of not less than 2.00
  • have the ability to sing
  • Basic knowledge of western music theory
  • have audio-visual skills in music
  • well-behaved and does not have sickness that interferes with music education