Music, Performing Arts majoring in musical theater

Course name

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music and Performing Arts

Degree name

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music and Performing Arts Acronym of degree : B.F.A. (Music and Performing Arts)

Music group

Acting for musical

Number of credits taken throughout the course 135 credits

It is divided into general education courses with 33 credits, specialization courses with 96 credits, and  elective courses with 6 credits.


We aspire on developing learners to have knowledge All-around performing arts talent to be ready will advance to be a qualified personnel in the acting industry and able to manage themselves. Learners will learn to develop knowledge. skills and expertise in their chosen field The students will develop their acting skills. Building Character in a variety of shows. including film and television performances, music videos, advertisements, events, stage plays, internet dramas and musicals. Improve singing, dancing, choreography skills to grow in the line of film and television actors and musical artists that are gaining popularity right now In addition, students can grow in the field of acting coach and acting teacher as well. This is the field that offers the largest number of acting programs and covers the most skills of acting in the country and is the acting branch.The country’s first branch to enhance skills and expertise teaching acting to meet the needs of this career path At the international level, students will also develop other skills. necessary to build a career for themselves as an artist who can manage their own career and also learning to show business both nationally and internationally Performance Management Principles Creating a performing arts project entertainment industry seminar Learning the law of entertainment business audio editing animation and artistic elements accompanying the show Public Relations, Script Writing, Directing host Developing and designing an artist’s image with their own characteristics.This is the first field of study in the country that provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in performing arts that aims to enable learners to become talented artists who are well-rounded and knowledgeable  In addition, students will also prepare themselves to step into the ASEAN Economic Society with a course on international economics, learn english and choose to study a second foreign language such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Burmese, Indonesian and internships with entertainment organizations in the final year before graduating.

Jobs that could be applied after graduation

Acting in movies, TV series, music videos, advertisements, events, plays, Internet dramas and musicals, musical actors, dancers, choreographers. singer artist acting teacher show business man

Samples of some courses

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Music program Bachelor’s degree 4 years
  • performing arts history
  • entertainment business
  • International entertainment business
  • entertainment business law
  • entertainment industry seminar
  • artist project
  • public relations for the show
  • performing arts education
  • character study
  • movie show
  • television drama
  • theatrical performance
  • Speaking and Hosting
  • Music video performances and commercials
  • script writing
  • Designing artistic elements for performances
  • The production process of the show
  • Internet performances
  • Directing
  • Directing the stage and shooting business
  • casting
  • choreography
  • Singing and dancing for musical performances

Qualifications of applicants for the entrance examination

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Program Performing Arts Bachelor’s degree 4 years, accepting Thai students and international students who can use the Thai language fluently. 
  • Graduated from high school or equivalent or currently studying in the final year of high school or equivalent and expected to graduate
  • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of not less than 2.00
  • have the ability to act
  • well-behaved and does not have sickness that interferes with Performing arts education