The SCA Superstar Academy program by the SCA College of Music and Performing Arts (Superstar College of Arts) is the most advanced and comprehensive music and performing arts academy in Asia. With nearly 60 music and performance studios, complete with modern teaching equipment. Over 3,000 square meters of space decorated in luxury and modernity creates a good atmosphere and suitable for teaching. There are more than 2,000 Thai and international students enrolled and trained by more than 100 artist teachers or artist teachers who are in the music and entertainment industry, both Thai and foreign. Teach students from 2 years old to college students, workers and top corporate executives. Located in the middle of Thonglor (Thong Lo BTS Station). The institution is accredited by the Ministry of Education and students who complete the program will receive a certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education.

The institute aims to provide students with the opportunity to perform on stage. TV expressions through school TV shows contest or other activities This is to build students’ leadership and self-confidence. because we believe Studying music and performing arts can make students grow up to be successful adults in life, so The SCA Superstar Academy program by the College of Music and Performing Arts SCA (Superstar College of Arts) organizes programs, courses and activities. that foster leadership assertiveness skills promote responsibility time management enhance creativity promote personality boost confidence and train students to have special abilities.

แนะนำหลักสูตรประกาศนียบัตร SCA Superperstar Academy โดย วิทยาลัยดนตรีและศิลปะการแสดง SCA (Superstar College of Arts)